HANDCRAFTED WITH LOVE and uniquely formulated for optimal nutrition: each batch of our Keto Mix is slowly dehydrated with ACTIVATED nuts and seeds for easy digestion and maximun absorption of vital nutrients!! Each 100g of our Keto Mix is packed with 40 g of healthy fats (poly and mono-unsaturated fats) and 21g of protein — keeping you satisfied while helping your body stay in the fat-burning zone longer. Every flavourful serve gives you more multi-vitaminsminerals, and healthy fats than premium beef and salmon! Enjoy the nutty, savoury notes of your Keto Mix as a crunchy salad topping, a snack or meal replacement on the go, or get creative! Keto Mix  nourishes your body, keeping you energized and fuller for longer!

Ingredients: Organic Pumpkin seeds*, organic almonds*, organic sunflower seeds*, organic walnuts*, organic cashews*,  organic tamari (organic soy beans, rice, water, salt), organic apple cider vinegar, organic savoury nutritional yeast, nori.
*Seeds & nuts are ACTIVATED.


–  Keto Mix is made of nutrient dense nuts and seeds that have been activated. The process of ‘activating’ nuts and seeds breaks down anti-nutrients that inhibit our digestion. This process allows your body to absorb maximum nutrients from every blissful bite! This process also allows he dust, residue and tannins to be released into water thus making activated nuts and seeds softer, sweeter, more platable and crunchier after dehydration!

–  All organic ingredients.

–  Keto Mix contains approximately total 40g of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats and is packed with multivitamins and antioxidants. These vital nutrients  support heart health and prevent various cardiovascular symptoms.

– The fatty acids, linolenic and linoleic acids can help minimize inflammation throughout the body. Fatty acids also promote healthy hair and skin.