LifeSmart™ Smart Blood Glucose plus Ketone Monitor System BlueTooth Model

NOTE - You need to purchase either Ketone Strips or Glucose Strips with this Item 

Our unique blood glucose and ketone monitor can accurately measure your blood glucose, ketone, hematocrit and cholesterol levels. Its wide hematocrit range (0-70%) enables it to be used on infants to old age adults.

It actively connects to your smartphone (Android or Apple) allowing you to transfer, view and analyze your meaningful data in real time. Using the free app gives you the flexibility to share your data with your doctor, dietician or family members.

HCT Range 0% – 70%
Ketone warning
Enzyme Type: GDH-FAD/HBD (Ketone)
3 Parameters: Glucose, HCT & Ketone
Small Sample Size: 1.0 μL
Wireless Data Transfer
7, 14, 21, 28, 60, 90 day average
1000 memory sets with Date/Time/AC/PC
iOS and Android compatible