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KetoLogic® Meal Replacement is everything you want and need in a keto shake. 
In addition to being delicious, KetoLogic MRP has the perfect macronutrient ratio to support a ketogenic and low-carb diet. The ideal fat to protein + carb ratio is 70:30, which is exactly what our MRP formulation is. Our extensively researched and lab tested meal replacement keeps you full and satiated for hours. In fact, it’ll keep you full longer than shakes that are high in protein but low in fat. Excess protein will be processed by your body as carbs, which can keep you out of ketosis, prevent weight loss, and increase hunger between meals.

Depending upon your Hunger Level and chosen calorie intake .. this product can be used as  20 Serves of 43g = 860g OR 40 Serves of 21.5g = 860g