Deliciously versatile with optimal nutrition. Each 100g of our Activated Keto Clusters are packed with 43g of healthy fats, 17g protein and less than 7g of carbohydrate – keeping you satisfied while helping your body stay in the fat burning zone longer.

Enjoy the nutty, lightly sweet flavour of Keto Clusters for breakfast, snack, or a meal replacement on the go, or get creative! Keto Clusters not only nourish your body but also keep you energised and fuller for longer!

How to use:

– Put me on anything you like! Try me on some yoghurt with fruit, on top of chia puddings, smoothie bowls or porridge.

– Soak me in any type of milk (we recommend almond milk or any other plant based milk) for a convenient, delicious and nutritious breakfast.

– Why not try me in your next fruit salad? This granola is the right complement to any fresh summer creation.

– Breakfast on the go now as easy as reaching in bag or need an easy but healthy snack? Just grab a handful!


Sunflower seeds*, coconut, organic pumpkin seeds*, xylitol, organic cashew*, almonds*, organic flaxseeds, organic acai berry powder, lemon juice.
*Seeds & nuts are ACTIVATED.


-The process of ‘activating’ nuts and seeds breaks down anti-nutrients that inhibit our digestion. This process allows your body to absorb maximum nutrients from every blissful bite!

– Carbohydrates are less than 7 g per every 100 g! Are you on low carbs or Keto die? Now your plant based Keto breakfast not only keep your carbs intake to minimal, but also satisfy your sweet craving.